I’ve missed my blessings in the times I’ve sat and counted my tears. While shackled to the cold, and fierce heart of darkness—I failed to see the sunlight that was shining on me the whole time I cried, and I screamed, and I thought life was unfair. Life is unfair at times, but I am more unfair to myself when I dwell in the misery of things—when I allow misery and sorrow to barge through the door of my heart, unpack their bags, and use my soul as their own personal hotel. I am human and sorrow comes, and yes I cry because I should cry and grieve when I have to, but if sorrow should have its way as it wants to, it would latch on to some corner of my mind and spread itself throughout my being—and it wouldn’t leave…it just wouldn’t.
Life becomes more unfair when you dwell on how unfair it is. People wonder how to see the sunshine through the darkness. You do it by making the best out of a terrible situation, because despite it all—you’re still alive and either you stand up or you stay down.
Life throws hard punches and it’s no guarantee that when you stand up again, you won’t get knocked back down, but don’t we call that living?—And when you look back over your life, some of your greatest accomplishments will be found in the times when you were beaten down to the ground, and you stood back up.
Yeah, I’ve learned quite a lesson. If I fall, and I’m still living, there’s an opportunity to stand again.

~T.S. Wilkins~