(Something I've learned in life)





The general extraordinary attributes.


 So many believe the brilliant mind only exists in one whose appearance may be as the perfect rose. They judge the book by its cover, and therefore the brilliant mind never dwells where it seems the sun doesn’t shine.

 This is how the world passes by intelligence.

  The brilliant mind, or amazing talent, or various positive attributes may not always dwell in perfect places, and may not always have such a perfect look. The homeless person does not appear to be brilliant, because society would say that brilliant people do not find themselves in such situations…but life is life, and perhaps underneath all the unfortunate things of such a person, lies a treasure of unrevealed beauty. Perhaps their voice is like the melody of an angel, and perhaps they know music as well as the morning bird. Perhaps they know poetry to be like the sound of the ocean or the gentle midnight wind…perhaps they know the perfection of the rose and can paint its detail as if it were sketched upon the canvas of their very soul.


  The thing is, intelligence or simply the extraordinary ability to do something, is not always so obvious. There are people who read hundreds of books and understand the most complicated matters, yet…when it comes to common living, common understanding, common survival…they haven’t the slightest clue.

There are people who work 'ordinary' jobs, living 'ordinary' lives, because they’re simple, everyday people, and intelligence can dwell within the everyday person. Sometimes we miss our answer to the most important questions simply because we’re expecting for a specific kind of person to answer it. No one is perfect. No one knows everything, therefore each person we encounter knows or will know something we haven’t learned yet. Everyone has been somewhere you haven’t been before. Intelligence has no ‘one’ particular look, and dwells in no ‘one’ particular place.

 The brilliant mind, the extraordinary talent may dwell in anyone, in any place, in any form, and at any level.

 You just never really know.


~T.S. Wilkins~